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ZenSations is a Dutch company that, in addition to e-cigarettes, also supplies e-liquids and accessories for vaping under their own name. The production of the various products takes place in the European Union and complies with the regulations within the EU. It is a relatively new player in the market for electric cigarettes and accessories, they focus in particular on low-threshold products for former smokers. For example, with the ZenSations Shisha pen it is not necessary to press a button to take a puff. They also provide a POD system which makes refilling easier than with a standard tank.

ZenSations e-cigarettes

There are different types of damper available in the range of ZenSations, they are all relatively simple products without advanced temperature settings or adjustable power. Starter sets are available with all parts to vaporize, it is also possible to purchase (replacement) parts.


In addition to the 'hardware', ZenSations also offers 'software' in the form of e-liquids. The PODs are specifically developed for their own line of POD cigarettes and are therefore not generally applicable for mods and box mods. The mixing ratio of the POD e-liquids is 40% PG and 60% VG, with which this liquid produces a milder 'throat hit' than is the case with liquids with a higher PG content.


The liquids in the POD systems are equipped with nicotine, this line focuses primarily on (former) smokers. The Shisha pen-shaped e-cigarettes are not refillable and have no nicotine. These products also have a minimum age of 18 to order Shisha e-cigarettes. This line mainly has fruit and other sweet flavors.


Depending on the type of damper, ZenSations also supplies accessories including replacement batteries, clearomizers and chargers. Keep in mind that a mobile phone charger will generally not be suitable for an e-cigarette, even when the connection is the same. If a wrong charger is used, the battery life can be shortened, or the battery can even fail completely.

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