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ZenSations e-cigarette dangerous?

No connection was shown between ZenSations e-cigarette and deaths in US

In November 2019 it was equally wrong in the United States. With five deaths in one week from vaping, there was plenty of reason to pay attention to this in the press. The same goes for the Algemeen Dagblad, which wanted to publish a nice photo of an e-cigarette user with their article. For this they chose an image of a lady holding a ZenSations e-cigarette in her hand. But this brand is for sale exclusively in the Netherlands, how could this product cause five deaths in America?

Five deaths from e-cigarettes?

First, let's put those five deceased people in context. The reporting dealt with a number of dampers with lung problems, of which five did indeed die. It turned out to be home-made e-liquids based on THC, an active substance in marijuana. An oil-based liquid was used to dissolve this substance, and it is the mist of oil that is life-threatening. So not the e-cigarette, not even the THC and certainly not a Zensations product is responsible for these deaths.

What does ZenSations have to do with this?

Newspapers and websites use images to dress their messages or to clarify the message. For this subject the AD chose a "standard" photo of a person with an e-cigarette. It turned out to be a photo of a ZenSations e-cigarette, a Dutch brand that makes products exclusively for the Dutch market. So this product had nothing to do with the situation in the United States. When the editors of the Algemeen Dagblad were informed of this, they decided to replace the photo with a more neutral image of a person enveloped in smoke or vapor. Problem solved?