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Zensations Pyrex Glasses

Zensations Pyrex Glasses

The ZenSations Pyrex glasses supplies various products to vaporize with. These are MTL models with a relatively high resistance with which the main target group is former smokers who want to switch. The systems are mainly developed for simplicity, so you cannot just order ZenSations Pyrex glasses to maintain the device. If you want to know for which replacement parts models are available, you can contact the help desk.

How is an e-cigarette structured?

A standard e-cigarette consists of a mouthpiece, a tank with an atomizer and a battery. This also applies to ZenSations products. Depending on the construction, parts can be replaced, replaced or not replaced. Not all manufacturers sell individual parts. This also applies to ZenSations Pyrex glasses that are not available for all products. This is partly due to the simplicity of these devices. It would require more expertise to replace all parts separately. In addition, the costs also play a role. Some devices are so cheap that buying parts is not cost effective.

ZenSations Pyrex glasses

In general, it is not often necessary to replace ZenSations Pyrex glasses, in contrast to the atomizer or mouthpiece. If the glass is cracked by, for example, a fall, or when the e-liquid touches the glass, the glass part will have to be replaced. If this is not possible, a new device will have to be purchased. It can therefore be advantageous to purchase a modular system with separately replaceable parts. With disposable cigarettes there is nothing that can be replaced.

POD systems and different models

With POD systems and e-cigarettes with a different design, it is possible that parts are integrated, so that the glass cannot be replaced separately. Apart from disposable devices, the batteries can usually be replaced, it is possible that the mouthpiece, tank and atomizer are integrated.

Brand: Zensations Model: Zensations Glaasjes voor Clearomizer (C) 3x
Zensations Pyrex Slides for Clearomizer (C) Content: 2 mL 3 Pieces per package           ..
€ 3.26 Ex Tax:€ 3.26
Brand: Zensations Model: Zensations Star Pyrex Glaasjes
Glass for Zensations STAR Content: 2 mL Packed per 1 pieces             ..
€ 2.25 Ex Tax:€ 1.86
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