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29 Apr 4 reasons why you cannot stop smoking 0 952
You've tried everything but it just doesn't work. Stopping smoking is simply impossible. Is that really true or is there a solution? If you know why i..
20 May Vape abroad 0 820
Fumes abroadThe holiday is booked, the suitcases are packed and your e-cigarette is in your hand luggage. But can they actually go on the plane? And w..
27 May Stop smoking with an MTL e-cigarette 0 978
Stop smoking with an MTL e-cigaretteStopping smoking is not easy. You can decide to stop on New Year's Day, and before the oliebollen is cold, you alr..
17 Jun Buy tips for an electric cigarette 0 1439
Buy tips for an electric cigaretteYou want to buy an electric cigarette but you don't know where to start. You see brands like Justfog, Eleaf, Innokin..
06 Aug Why smoking is no longer popular
10 Aug Vaper's tongue: What is it and how do you get rid of it?
16 Aug Nic Salt e-liquid for that real
0 549
There are two camps in the world of electric fumes; smokers and non-smokers. People who are not interested in smoking cigarettes will generally use bo..
19 Aug Shake-n-Vape prohibited in the Netherlands
0 688
To discourage the use of nicotine, strict rules are set on the amount of e-liquid that can be sold. A few years ago, the sale of products containing n..
23 Aug Is vapor from e-cigarettes dangerous?
0 555
Although e-cigarettes have been on the market for around ten years, the facts about the effects of vapors are quite contradictory. As far as you can c..
26 Aug Can you vaporize CBD e-liquid?
0 449
Since it is possible to separate CBD and THC, hemp has suddenly become very popular outside the world of weed smokers. Nowadays you can buy CBD oil at..
26 Sep Tobacco manufacturers are switching to e-cigarettes
0 429
An electric cigarette is much less harmful than smoking. You don't have to accept that from us, in this case it is a statement by Martijn van Loon, th..
07 Oct The Netherlands equates smoking and vaping
0 634
Anyone who knows the comic books about Asterix knows that these stories are about a small village in Gaul that opposes the domination of the Romans. T..
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